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Hi, I'm Susan. 

It's wonderful to meet you!

Specializing in Haircutting, gray coverage color, fine hair, styling, and day brightening.

Susan Jo is the most genuine person you will ever meet, has a lust for life, and a spirit that makes her seem 25 years younger.  Susan makes everyone feel like they just stepped foot into her home, where she greets you with a smile and a cocktail.


"My favorite part about doing hair isn't about the hair at all, it's all about getting to know the guest. Once I truly get to know you, I can help you achieve the perfect cut or color for you."

"If you sit in my chair, expect a cocktail, great communication, honesty, beautiful hair, and a good time. I will always be honest about what I can help your hair do, and if your goals aren't achievable, I will do the most to create a different dream and beautiful hair.

"I Started my hair journey in 1968, at one of the best salons in The Valley. I worked in that salon, and learned so much. Bernard and Barry taught me to love the industry and gave me the strength to move to Hawaii!  I meet amazing people, worked for Paul Mitchell while living there, it was an amazing experience.


"Pleasing people fuels my soul. If I can go out of my way for someone I will, I just love being around people. Know that you can always count on me, when you need me! Spending time with my family and friends, eating amazing food and drinking great wine, is what makes my heart happy. " 

"My biggest hobby is finding places with amazing food, I love to have a good time."

"This is the final chapter of my life. I love that I am getting the chance now, that Paige is my  partner, to really just enjoy my clients and work again with little stress. It gives me the ability to spend more time with my family and friends. I always say every hour with me is a happy hour, but now I can enjoy happy hour to the fullest, not everyone gets that chance." 

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