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It's so good to meet you!

I'm Haley

Specializing in dimensional lived in color, precision cuts, styling, & bridal.

Haley is the serious one of the group, until you get to know her or give her a Marg, she is obsessed with music, finding a great deal at target, and is trying to grow a forest on her back deck.


"My favorite thing about doing hair is making my clients feel & look their best! I love doing hair for special occasion styling, being part of someones special day, and making them shine from the inside out is amazing."

"If you sit in my chair, know that you are the most important person in the room to me, and my goal is to make you feel like you would on the best day of your life. You will look effortlessly gorgeous, with easy to maintain hair, that I will teach you to achieve everyday."

"I started off my adult journey on a completely different path, and it didn't fill my soul like I wanted it too.  I loved the energy that I felt when I got my hair done, and thought why can't I make a career out of this.  Empowering my guests makes me feel empowered."


Music is what fuels my soul, being a mom brings me joy, and my passion in life is being able to live life to the fullest."

"You will learn that I'm a neat freak, that is also a boy mom, so that makes life interesting.  But I keep my house and life organized by spending most of my time outdoors. i love to go camping and enjoy being with my family when I can."

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