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Low maintenance babes and 
high Maintenace Queens

Are you wanting to look amazing all the time, but don't have the free time to spend in the salon every 6-8 weeks? Have you tried lived-in hair coloring? You can just wake up every morning looking like the gorgeous girl that you are. 

We offer a wide range of custom highlighting techniques, shadow rooting, color melting and toning to give you the most customized look that can last 12-18 weeks without a touch up,

how do you know if Lived-in Color is right for you?

You have a hard time finding time to make appointments 

We get it! Life is busy, and it can be hard to get away from everyday stuff. We think self care is important, but don't think it needs to become a chore. Lived-in color is a life changer! Your hair can look amazing for longer, and you need fewer appointments. 

You want to be Bright, dimensional, but not all over light or dark

You have a love for bright dimensional looks, but don't like the idea of being so heavily highlighted that you appear to be one color, or you love dark hair, but like seeing variation and depth. Low maintenance doesn't mean low impact, so bright and light is possible.

You have a few grays, but aren't ready to commit to full color

Gray coverage can be a commitment, and not everyone is ready for every 4-6  week touch-ups. Gray blending or natural looking highlighting, can help camouflage gray hairs, making your grow out look seamless and grays disguised.

You like to change up your color often, but want to limit damage, if possible

Now changing your hair every appointment doesn't seem low maintaniace, but if you already have lived-in color, it can be a much easier and quicker process to change it up. Changing the color of a low light, tone of color, or even the amount of dark to light is super easy when there is less permanent color to break through. 

what to expect at first

How Much Will I be Spending?

Typically the initial appointment is the most expensive, as we have to correct all of the high maintance coloring techniques. You may be getting 2-3 different colors in foils, as well as a shadow root and toners. Yet your touch up appointments can be minimal cost, depending on how long it has been between appointments, and what techniques are needed to freshen up your look.

How long will each appointment take?

Each appointment will vary, the first one being the longest, and maintenance appointments being shorter, depending on how much time is between them. during the consultation your stylist will be able to tell you how long your first appointment will be, when to come back, and what type of services you will need to maintain your look.  

Wanting something more maintance? We do that too!

Reach out for a consult to determine which services will be best for you, and which specialist you should schedule with

Request a Consultation

Let's get this party started with a plan!

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