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It's so good to meet you!

I'm Mackenzie.

Specializing in detailed blonding & lived-in color.

With three years of industry experience, I bring a meticulous approach to hairstyling that sets me apart. My journey at Laurel Business Institute, where I graduated with honors in all classes, has instilled in me a love for the thoughtful details that define a color or style, ensuring every guest experiences a transformative visit.

In my chair, it's not just about a haircut or color change – it's about building confidence and attitude. I find joy in seeing my clients leave knowing their hair looks nothing short of amazing. Specializing in foiled blondes and lived-in color, my attention to detail becomes particularly clear in perfecting the nuances of blonding, resulting in the perfect cut and color for you and your lifestyle!

I understand how frustrating it can be to feel as if your business & support is completely unappreciated. My goal is to make sure that everyone knows how appreciated they truly are! Your loyalty matters to me, and I'm dedicated to ensuring that appreciation resonates throughout your experience with us. Opting not to double book appointments, I prioritize quality over quantity, offering each guest undivided attention to create a pampered and personalized visit. Step into my sanctuary, where time is a luxury!

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