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Nice to meet you,
I'm Lauren.

Specializing in blonde babes, highlighting and dimensional gray coverage.

Lauren is super sweet, and once you get to know her you will fall in love with her calming personality. She opens up quickly when it comes to talking about her dogs, Netflix, and her family.


"I love education! It's what gets me passionate about doing hair. I try to learn everything that I can, always keeping up with the newest trends and techniques."

"I care about you and your hair! Taking the time to listen to you, to ensure you get the best results. Speedy services don't always bring out the best work, perfection comes out of making the time to create it.  I'm always trying to do what's best to make you happy. You looking and feeling amazing about yourself is what's most important."

"Specializing in blondes, as a once blonde myself (I go back and forth from red to blonde), means we will find the perfect shade, placement and dimension for you. Before I did hair, it always seemed like every blonde had the same look, and I wanted something different. You won't look like everyone else setting in my chair, you will get a custom look, perfect for you. 

When I'm not not working or taking a class, I'm hanging with friends, trying out amazing local food, or cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix with my boyfriend and 2 dogs."

"An interesting fact about me is that, I went to IUP an CalU, but after deciding that college wasn't for me, I worked as a cake decorator while going to beauty school."

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