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Hey Girl Hey! Come on in,
I'm Paige!

Specializing in dimensional blondes, custom coloring, and hair extensions 

Paige is our fearless leader (with a little anxiety), she is a little bit of a control freak, thinks she's a comedian, loves Disney, and will definitely over share. She is a super passionate person, and ADHD so expect to talk about a lot!


"When choosing a professional to do anything for you, you assume that they are knowledgeable and are giving you the best service. I have found that, that isn't always the case, especially in this industry. The reason I am so passionate about education, for myself and you, is that I have seen first hand what under educated work can do. You will receive a service from me that isn't about my ego, it's all about growing your confidence."

If you sit in my chair, be prepared to learn a little something about hair. As a color educator and certified extension specialist, it's super important that I inform all of my guests on why I am doing everything that I do. 

"My favorite thing about doing hair is getting to create something special and custom for my guests. I want every single person in my chair to leave feeling better about themselves! My guests inspire me to always be better, and I want them to be inspired by themselves too!

"I'm a little bit of a control freak, but you will find that it makes me strive for perfection when doing hair. Being certified in now 9 different extension methods, including SKW Extensions, Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE), and Aqua Extensions Fusions provides the best possible techniques to give you the hair of your dreams."

I'm Extremely passionate about learning. Education is the top priority, and not just for the staff, but also you! You will learn something new about your hair, and gain the ability to recreate the look at home. Being a Certified Framesi Color Educator since 2015, means you gain the confidence that you have knowledgeable hands working on your hair."


"When I'm not doing hair, and running a salon, I'm spending time with my crazy family, planning my next vacation (it's probably Disney) and deep diving into my newest ADHD hyper focus. I have 2 kids, a crazy horse girl and a wild child little boy. They are my heart, and so is my husband. They all put up with me working crazy hours, having crazy ideas, and all my stupid dad jokes."

"You will come to find that I think I am hilarious, tell some seriously TMI stories, but am saying what everyone is thinking. I'm also a little obsessed with Disney, so be prepared to know how far apart the garbage cans are, and where to get the best snacks. If you enjoy upfront, tell it like it is, down to earth people, we are going to be besties!"

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