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Welcome to your hair home!

We are so excited to meet you. What are your waiting for? Let's make you more beautiful!
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New Guest Booking Options...

booking options

Seeing a new stylist can be scary, we totally get it, but we strive to make it super painless.

New Guest booking option 1:

The Basics:

Just need your roots touched up, a new cut or trim, and a blowout?  Let's make it easy. We will start with a thorough consultation, a color matching or formulation shift process, a fresh color application, relaxing shampoo, haircut, and blowout.

choose "The Basics" when you book below

New Guest booking option 2:

A hint Of Blonde:

Wanting some highlights, but nothing to blonde? Do you like a money piece, or just some lightness to blend in your gray? We cover that! This appointment includes a consultation, a mini highlight ( just what you see), a toner, relaxing shampoo, haircut, and blowout

choose "A Hint of Blonde" when you book below

New Guest booking option 3:

The Blonde Roast:

Wanting to go lighter, but not exactly sure what techniques you need to achieve your Pinterest goals? We can help with that, this option includes a consultation, custom highlight application (foils, baby lights, balayage, platinum card, whatever we need to do), a toner (second toner is additional)​, relaxing shampoo, a haircut, and a blowout.  

choose "The Blonde Roast" when you book below

New Guest booking option 4:

Not the Usual:

Are you wanting to change up our look, but don't want to be lighter? Let us take you to the dark side, or the red side,  we will help you decide. This appointment includes a consultation, a custom formulation of your dream color, relaxing shampoo, conditioning treatment, haircut, and blowout.

choose "Not the Usual" when you book below

New Guest booking option 5:

Keep it Simple:

You know you want to find a new look, but are only willing to commit to a haircut/trim? Lets get to know each other, and keep it simple with just a cut. This appointment includes a consultation, relaxing shampoo, haircut, blowout and a style.

choose "Keep it Simple" when you book below

Need something else?

Don't see what you're looking for, or have more questions?  Send us a text or give us a call at 724-483-6550 or email us at and set up a digital consultation

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